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St. James State Marine Park is located approximately 35 miles northwest of Juneau and 45 miles south of Haines. The park encompasses St. James Bay, Boat harbor, and continues north up the valley which drains the area. The area has abundant protected anchorages, concentrations of fish and wildlife, and beach landing areas.

The average temperatures in the summer are in the 60's, rare highs hitting 80. High humidity and a high average rainfall make for a wet environment. The average rainfall is from 60-90 inches annually. Have warm clothing and quality rain gear, as inclement weather can set in quickly and last for days. Snow can begin to accumulate as early as October.

The recreational use of St. James Bay is extremely high. The bay, easily accessed by small boat from the Amalga Harbor boat launch, Auke Bay, or Juneau, is a popular area for wildlife viewing, photography, waterfowl and big game hunting, sport fishing, boating, kayaking, and camping. Access by float plane is also readily available.
Camping, Hiking, photograpy, wildlife/ nature viewing
Nearby Attractions
Numerous wildlife viewing opportunities and scenic views.
Always be ready for rain and soft wet ground/be prepared to stay dry and warm.
Carry signaling devise in case of an emergency (orange cloth/flares/etc.).
Carry first aid items, flashlight (particularly in winter), snack and a fire starter.
Surface water should be boiled or treated before drinking.
Be prepared for bear encounters. Respect the bears, give them the right of way and make a lot of noise (some hikers put bells on their packs and carry whistles to alert bears to their presence).
Please help protect shorebirds by keeping dogs under control at all times; do not allow dogs to disturb or chase birds or other wildlife.
Always tell a friend, relative, or park ranger (465-4563) where you are going and when you expect to return.Motorized vehicles prohibited.
Fires in authorized structures or on sand or gravel bars only.
Fireworks and explosives are prohibited.
Discharge of firearms prohibited within 1/2 mile of cabins, trails, and road.
Disturbing or damaging natural objects prohibited.
Permit required for more than 20 persons.
This cabin is not road accessible. The most common access is by boat. Strong tide rips and big seas are not uncommon.

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