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Alerts and Important Information
  • Trash collection in not provided. Pack out what you pack in. When latrines are not available, bury human waste away from trails and sources of water, both fresh and salt.
  • Open fires are permitted only on ocean beaches, preferably below mean high tide. Fires elsewhere must be in a portable stove, metal-bottomed container or designated fire site.
  • Fishing and hunting regulations may be obtained from the Alaska Department of Fish & Game.
  • Bear, both brown and black, inhabit the area along with a variety of wildlife. Precautions should be taken while hiking and staying in the area to avoid an encounter. Mid-summer foliage obscures views along the trail and the possibility of surprising a bear or other wildlife is very likely. Making noise and carrying some method of personal protection against bears is advisable.
  • Discharge of firearms is prohibited within 1/2 mile of developed facilities. Target shooting is prohibited in all areas of the recreation area.
  • Be prepared to handle emergencies yourself. No cell phone coverage in this area. Satellite phones would be highly desirable for those needing to reach emergency services. Charter aircraft regularly monitor Channel 10 Marine VHF.
  • All surface water needs to be treated prior to drinking. Be aware that the waters of Vitus Lake may be untreatable at certain times of the year due to salt water intruding up the Seal River and causing brackish conditions. Midtimber Lake may have the same brackish conditions due to storm surges, but as of now, the water can be treated.

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