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This small, intimate campground on the banks of a mountain stream in the Sierra foothills. It's a quick trip to the famous Alabama Hills, where more than 400 movies have been shot, from classics such as "Gunga Din" to recent hits like "Ironman." Further up a paved road is Mt. Whitney, the tallest peak in the continental US. Located just one mile from the amenities in the town of Lone Pine, which is also home to the Lone Pine Museum of Western Film, and ten miles north on US 395 from the Manzanar Japanese American Internment Camp, which is now National Historic Site. There is ample access to open lands for hunting, hiking, climbing, bicycle riding, ATVs. Potable water is available.
  • Don't Move Firewood: Protect California's forests from tree-killing pests by buying your firewood locally and burning it on-site. For more information visit firewood.ca.gov.
  • Wildlife frequently visits the area, keep your food stored in a safe place.
  • RV septic removal available.
  • Portuguese Joe Campground camping trips are easy to plan with ReserveAmerica. Portuguese Joe Campground campground reservations can be made online. Click one of the links below to see available campsites at Portuguese Joe Campground or day pass availability.