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Alerts and Important Information
Children Policies: Minors under age 6 must always be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult, and respect other guest¿Äôs lots. Children and guests must walk around the graveled path and not through the guest¿Äôs lots.,Rates: Rates are only guaranteed at the time of booking and are subject to change at any time without notice. Changes made to your reservation after it has been confirmed may result in higher rates.,Safety: Occupants are cautioned and urged to be careful of electrical wires, objects left on the ground, and the conditions of walks, drives, and steps. The campground is not responsible for injuries to persons, property or for property lost by occupants or guests, by fire, windstorm, or other casualties. The user assumes the risks or hazards which may be created by other occupants of the Park. This is a very safe park, but it is recommended that you secure anything of value.,RVs Manufactured by 1989: We reserve the right to decline any Trailers, RVs, or Motorhomes manufactured from the year 1989 and below from staying at the campground unless your RV has been restored. If your RV has been restored, you must provide a picture of your RV.,Renting Policy: We do not rent out any site locations, we only allow for a 14-day booking period maximum. This includes after your booking has been completed, you may not simply book another location and stay for another 14 days. We will flag you internally within our system if this occurs and request you leave.,Campground Rules and Regulations: The complete list of rules and regulations for our campground is listed at https://lilpatchcampground.com/campground-rules/. By selecting "I acknowledge" upon checkout and completion of payment you are agreeing to the specified list of rules and stating you have reviewed them in their entirety.,Golf Carts or ATV Policy: At this time, No golf carts, ATVs, or vehicles in that category are not allowed at the campground. We do not claim any liability if such a vehicle is brought on the property, and if operated we may ask for you to leave the grounds.,Tent Policy: At this time we do not have any tent locations or allow tents on RV sites, we solely allow for RVs, we apologize for the inconvenience.,Cleanliness and Consideration: Lots must be kept free of rubbish, litter, and bottles. No storage of items is allowed under RVs. Only rugs, lawn furniture, BBQ grills, landscaping, and secured bikes are allowed to be stored outside. A dumpster is provided by the main office. Do not leave garbage bags outside of your RV. No dumping of anything but normal daily garbage is allowed. Occupants of this campground shall be responsible for their guests'¿ÄØconduct while in the Park. All occupants and guests are expected to act in an orderly and kind manner. Unreasonable or nuisance conduct may result in the RV guest being vacated immediately without a refund. Children should be supervised at all times. Minors under age 6 must always be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult, and respect other guests¿Äô lots. Children and guests must walk around the graveled path and not through the guest¿Äôs lots.,Dumping Rules: Do not discharge gray or black water tanks anywhere except the site sewer drop or dump station. ,Booking Timeframe: In order to secure a spot at the grounds, you must book 24 hours prior, we do not allow same day booking.,Pet Rules: Dogs, cats, and any other applicable pets must always be kept on a leash at all times when not ...

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