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LDMA - Oconee Campground & Gold Mining
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Alerts and Important Information
Check Out Time: Check out time is before 12pm (noon). All campers must check out with the office to confirm that your site fees and other items have been settled.,Check In Time: Check in time is 1pm Eastern time, all campers must check in at office. You will be escorted to your site by staff member. ,Quiet Hours: Quiet hours are from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m.,Visitors: Oconee Camp Staff reserves the right to limit additional vehicles per campsite. Day or night visitors must register at the Oconee Camp office.,Vehicles: Oconee Camp Staff reserves the right to limit additional vehicles per campsite. All vehicles must display a valid Oconee Camp parking permit. A vehicle without a proper parking permit is subject to tow at owner's expense. Vehicles must not block the road or adjacent campsite(s). Speed limit is 5 MPH. Including all ATV's/UTV'S. Dust Rules Apply.,Restrooms and Showers: Facilities are available. Due to Board of Health Regulations, animals and the washing of dishes are prohibited in the restrooms. Please clean up after your self, thank you!,Laundry: Laundry rooms are open 24 hours a day subject to change by Caretakers. Please do not hang clothes on lines or trees at campsite.,Children: Parents are responsible at all times for their children's safety and behavior. Please supervise small children in showers and restrooms, and do not allow children to play in the roadway.,Trees: Trees, and the shade they provide, are an integral part of an enjoyable Oconee Camp experience. However, healthy and well-maintained trees pose a natural hazard of falling debris, such as leaves and branches, especially during windy and/or extreme weather conditions. We do not assume responsibility for these natural hazards or for any property damage, injury or other circumstances that may result. Please take this into consideration when parking in Oconee Camp and while enjoying the camp.,After Hours Assistance: For after-hours assistance or security, please see Oconee Caretaker(s).,Garbage: Help us stay clean by depositing all garbage in the dumpsters located throughout Oconee Camp.,BBQ/Grills: Personal charcoal and propane grills are permitted. See Park Map for hot coal disposal dumpsters. Do not put hot coals in garbage containers. Fireworks are prohibited on the Oconee Camp premises and on property.,Monthly Rate Discounts: If your stay is shorten for any reason, and you paid for a discounted daily rate, you will be re-rated to the daily site fee and charged accordingly. You will also be charged a "Early Departure Camping Site Fee of $50.,Loss, Damages & Claims: Park management is not responsible for loss, damages or claims to property of guests due to fire, theft, accident or any other cause. The management also reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. Having in possession weapons such as firearms, knives, chains, etc. while outside a personal camping vehicle is not permitted on property. Oconee Camp closes certain sites and areas of property for landscaping and maintenance throughout the season.,Pet Rules: All pets must be registered with the Oconee Camp Office. Animals must be kept on a leash at all times and may not be left unattended at campsite. Animals may not be tethered to camp utility fixtures, picnic tables, trees or fences. Animal waste must be picked up by the pet owner anywhere on Oconee Camp property.

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