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Alerts and Important Information
Alcohol on the premises: Alcohol is permitted in the park as social drinking is a pleasant and enjoyable activity with friends and family. However, drunken and rude behavior is not tolerated. Guests will be asked to remain in their trailers if they exhibit such behavior.,Sale of Propane: We are able to sell propane to our guests. We offer our overnight guests discounted prices that are usually less than the surrounding area. However, only the park manager is authorized to load up your propane bottles. Please call the manager at 530 238 8688 if you need to purchase some propane. As we do not have a regular staff in the office, it is always a good idea to call first.,Insurance: Although we not require insurance for your vehicles or RV, it is highly advisable that you have loss coverage for your trailer and personal belongings. Insurance is also recommended to cover damage caused by you. The park is not responsible for damage to property caused by others nor by natural calamities such as fire, floods or earthquakes. The park's responsibility is to maintain the grounds and the area outside of your lot space. You are responsible to maintain your own trailer and the area within your lot. Theft and vandalism of your property by others is considered an intentional act and is not covered by the park's insurance. You must carry your own insurance to be covered. Negligent acts by others may also not be covered depending upon the circumstances. To be safe, carry your own insurance. If a guest sustains a personal injury on park grounds, the park will open a file and will determine the cause of the injury. If the injury is caused by the park, an insurance claim will be filed. However, if the fault is not the park's, the guest should proceed under his or her own insurance coverage.,Driving in the park: Pedestrians always have the right of way. Whenever someone is walking alongside or crossing in front of you, please slow down or stop and let the person pass. Otherwise, please do not drive more than 5 miles per hour in the park. When parking a trailer or boat, please get out of the car often to observe the position of the trailer. Please take note of any objects that may be hit when backing up your trailer or boat into a space. Please note that the park does have speed bumps on its roads. Therefore, if you are pulling a trailer, you must go slow to minimize bouncing of your vehicles and tow behinds.,Cancellation policy: If Roverpass has a different cancellation policy other than the terms stated herein, we will apply whichever cancellation terms that are more favorable to you. Because we allow our guests to pick their own spaces when making a reservation, these spaces, once selected, are blocked off from other guests who may desire to rent that particular space. However, if a guest decides to cancel, it may be difficult to re-rent that space when it is too close to the reservation date. Therefore, we encourage our guests not to make a reservation for a particular space unless they intend to use it. Nevertheless, we will refund all fees if a notice of cancellation is given by either phone or email that is, at least, 14 days PRIOR to the scheduled reservation of a 1 to 3 night stay. There will be no refund if there is less than 14 days notice. If a notice of cancellation is given WITHIN 30 days of any scheduled reservations for 4 days or more, there will be no refund unless there...

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