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Lake Ray Hubbard RV Resort
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Alerts and Important Information
Reserved Sites: All guests are required to register and check in at the front office prior to their reserved site number. A driver¿Äôs license must be readily available and up to date upon arrival. All guests will need to provide a copy of their driver¿Äôs license and will be subjected to a background check. Guest will be permitted ONE (1) RV and up to TWO (2) vehicles per assigned site, depending on sizes of vehicles. All vehicles must be parked off the street in the designated spots located near the sites and may not be left unattended for more than 24 hours. Lake Ray Hubbard does not store vehicles/RVs. Every RV owner is responsible for orderly maintenance of their own site and is required to be kept clean at all times.,All charges must be paid in full when due: Unless specified otherwise in writing by Lake Ray Hubbard, the nightly and monthly site rental is due in the full amount upon arrival. There will be a $35.00 charge for all returned checks. If we get a returned check from a guest then all future payments will be required in the form of cashier¿Äôs check or money order.,All recreational vehicles: All recreational vehicles must be currently registered and maintained in good condition and running order. Lake Ray Hubbard only allows recreational vehicles that are 2008 models or newer. Vehicles that exceed this date must be approved and up to date pictures must be provided to management prior to arrival. No RV deemed to be in ¿Äúpoor¿Äù condition (i.e. flat tires, badly dented, broken or cracked windows, or in need of paint) will be allowed to remain on premises. All RV¿Äôs must be leveled and supported with the proper equipment. A sewer hose ¿Äúdonut¿Äù or ¿ÄúL¿Äù connector is required. Guests are not allowed to wash campers or vehicles on these premises. No vehicle repairs shall be made on these premises.,Automobiles: Automobiles must always be parked in designated parking areas. All automobiles must be currently registered and in good running condition. Issues including but not limited to flat tires, dead battery, leaks, broken windows or is deemed to be in poor condition (includes exterior and interior) may not be parked on premises. All vehicle repairs, maintenance (i.e. oil changes, lubes, etc.), and washing is prohibited. Operation of vehicles inside the RV Park is limited to licensed adults who must proceed with extreme caution. All posted traffic signs must be obeyed, and the posted speed limit is 5 MPH and is strictly enforced. No boats, utility trailers, storage trailers, or auto trailers may be parked on property without approval from Lake Ray Hubbard. All trailers and fifth wheels must be accompanied by a tow vehicle that will remain with the occupant unless there is prior approval from management. Vehicles in violation of these rules will be towed at the owners¿Äô expense.,Only outdoor patio furniture: Only outdoor patio furniture may be stored outside the RV site. All indoor furniture, major appliances, and household and cleaning supplies must be stored in the RV. Storage of such item¿Äôs underneath, on top or outside the RV is not permitted. No tarps are allowed. All plants must be potted in proper containers and are subject to management approval of type, size, number, placement, etc. (i.e. not paint buckets or plastic nursey containers). No hot tubs or portable swimming pools are allowed at the site. Outdoor structures and accessories other than awnings designed to be attached to the RV are prohibited includin...

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