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Alerts and Important Information
CHECK-IN AND CHECK-OUT If you check out early, the unused portion of your payment will be forfeited. Campers with reservations must check in with staff either at a kiosk (fee booth) or at the Visitor Center. Check-In time is from 2 pm MST ¿ 9 pm MST. Please be prepared to provide your name and reservation number. Your reservation number can be accessed from your confirmation email, or by logging into your Reserve America account.

All overnight campers must: Make a reservation in advance. Check in with park staff before proceeding to their campsite

Guests must be checked in by 9 pm. Lake McConaughy SRA has a gating system in place. Gates will close at 9 pm. Check-out is at Noon (12 pm MST) on the last day of your stay. Quiet hours are from 10 pm to 6 am.

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