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Kelly Creek Landing
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Pets Allowed Waterfront
Alerts and Important Information
Boating Restrictions: When boating please be mindful of the No Wake sign.,Recreational Restrictions: No digging at campsites. No ATVs or dirt bikes allowed.,Campsite Tables: 1 table per campsite. Contact the store if you need one, don¿Äôt take from unoccupied site.,Fishing Restrictions: Absolutely no fishing from any dock. Bank fishing is allowed around your area. Be considerate of your neighbors campsite and launch boats from the ramp only.,Cleaning Fish: When cleaning fish do not utilize an empty site's amenities to do so. Do not throw away remains in any place at the park, please dump elsewhere.,Clean Your Site: Please keep campsite clean and use dumpsters.,Vehicle Restrictions: Please call and advise if you on having more than 3 vehicles at your campsite.,Quiet Hours: Quiet hours are from 10pm-6am.,Check in/Check out: All visitors check in at store/front office. (Advise if you have a late arrival). Check out is at 4 pm.,Water Usage: Please be conservative with water usage (no car washing).,Pets: All pets must be leashed and cleaned up after at all times. They cannot be left unattended at campsite.
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