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Kanopolis State Park consists of two primary campground areas (Langley Point Area and Horsethief Area), which are open to a variety of outdoor recreation opportunities. The facilities include nearly 450 campsites that range from primitive to full utility hookups, 5 group picnic shelters, six deluxe cabins, modern showers, and restroom facilities, swim beaches, three boat ramps, a full service marina, as well as a 26 mile multiuse trail system consisting of hiking, biking and equestrian trail, and wildlife viewing opportunities. A hardened trail for wheelchair access is also available at the wildlife viewing area and the soon to be constructed trail at the "kids fishing pond". Fees required for the state park include vehicle permits, camping and utility permits, special event permits and reservations. All permits must be purchased before facilities can be used. Permits can be purchased from the state park office, gate houses, camp hosts, or the self pay stations.
You must be 18 or older to rent a cabin or campsite.
Kanopolis State Park Office Hrs Change Seasonally:
Peak Season: Sunday-Saturday 8:00am-4:30pm
Off Season: Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:30pm
Subject to regulations and posted notices, any individual over 21 may possess, consume, or drink alcoholic liquor. Kegs and party balls are strictly prohibited.
Any motorized vehicles (gas or electric) operated within state parks must be registered (having a license plate) and must purchase and display a valid state park vehicle permit. Electric and gas powered scooters and skateboards cannot be operated in the state park. ATV use is prohibited in the state park.
Camping is allowed only in designated areas and is subject to restrictions as posted. All campers and camping units are limited to a stay of not more than 14 consecutive days although a 14-day extension may be obtained with written permission from the park manager. A five-day absence is required before returning to the park to camp again. Any property left unused or unoccupied for 48 hours is subject to removal. Only one camper/RV per utility site is allowed.
Fires are allowed in fireplaces, fire rings, and cooking grills only. Fires must be completely extinguished prior to leaving the area.
Swimming is allowed in designated areas.
Liquor and beer are prohibited on swimming beaches or in waters designated by buoys or other markers as swimming areas. For other beverages, only shatterproof containers are allowed.
Pets must always be restrained by a camper, cage, hand-held leash, or tethered chain no longer than 10 feet. They are not allowed on swimming beaches or swimming areas that are delineated by buoys or other markers or in public buildings or structures. Dogs participating in authorized activities or assisting the visually or hearing impaired are not subject to these restrictions. A special event permit is required for any event involving entrance fees, exclusive use of an area, sales, organized competition, amplified sound, or reservation of a specific site or facility. Check with the park office for details.
Fishing is prohibited on boat ramps, courtesy docks, swimming beaches, and in swimming areas marked with buoys. In state parks, fish may only be cleaned at designated fish cleaning stations or other locations as posted.
Fireworks are prohibited.
Quiet hours are 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. Actions which alarm, anger, or disturb others are prohibited. Generators can not be used during quiet hours. Failure to comply may result in expulsion from the park.
Firearms may only be discharged in areas specifically designated for hunting or target practice.
All litter must be properly disposed of in the provided trashbins. Where no bins are provided, patrons must carry their trash out with them.
DUMPING OF GREY WATER IS PROHIBITED. Grey water must be disposed of at the dump station.
Trails are open during daylight hours only. No camping, fires, or motorized vehicles are allowed on the trails. Please use caution when crossing roadways.
Cabin renters may check in after 3:00pm and check out by Noon everyday, year round. Smoking is not allowed in cabins. Pets and pet carriers are not allowed inside or on the porches of cabins. Cabin renters are not allowed to grill or cook from the porch deck. The cabin must be clean prior to departure. Cabin renters shall be responsible for full payment of any damages incurred during the length of stay. Damages will be billed to the renter for payment.
** Information in this brochure has been prepared as a guide, not a complete list of regulations. Complete regulations may also be viewed and printed online at ksoutdoors.com/State-Parks/Park-Regulations. **