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Interrorem Cabin is located beneath magnificent stands of old-growth forest and hardwood trees, offering guests an ideal location for relaxation and recreation in Olympic National Forest. The cabin was built in 1907 as the first administrative site in the Olympic National Forest. Emery J. Finch, Ranger and Hoodsport pioneer, built the cabin for his new bride, Mabel, and they moved in on April 22, 1908.

Between the years 1933 and 1942, the station hosted several government programs such as the Emergency Relief Administration, Works Progress Administration and the Civilian Conservation Corps. From 1942 to 1986, the cabin was a fireguard station, and from 1986 to 1994, it was used by Forest Service volunteers.

Today, the site offers guests a unique and comfortable lodging experience year-round in Olympic National Forest. The cabin is accessible by car. Many amenities are offered, but guests will have to bring some of their own supplies and gear.

Interrorem Cabin camping trips are easy to plan with ReserveAmerica. Interrorem Cabin campground reservations can be made online. Click one of the links below to see available campsites at Interrorem Cabin or day pass availability.