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Alerts and Important Information
Restroom: Please help keep our restrooms clean. If restroom needs attention, please make Park Management aware of the problem. ,Vandalism: Vandalism in any form will not be permitted. ,Smoking: Smokers please do not throw cigarette butts on the ground. No Smoking in ANY park building. Please advise your guest. ,Management Responsibility: Management reserves the right to evict or refuse entry to any person who has evidenced a disregard for the rules without a refund. Guest and their visitors use the site, the park, its amenities, at their own risk. Management assumes no responsibility for accidents, injuries, or losses from any cause. The Tenant(s) agrees to carry and maintain in full force and effect adequate property and liability insurance on any vehicle or recreational unit brought into the Park. We are not responsible for your losses due to theft, fire, storms, accidents, or rushing or rising water. We reserve the right to make changes to the rules, regulations, and fees that we deem necessary. We cannot strongly enough emphasize the necessity of each tenant(s) conformance with the rules. Your cooperation will make this park a better and neater place for you and your neighbors to live. ,General Rules: The purpose of these rules is to make the Park a better and neater place for you and your neighbors to live and enjoy. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. ,Visitors: Overnight visitors are permitted to stay up to 3 consecutive nights in any 7-day period. However, any visitor wishing to stay more than 3 nights must register with the office prior to the visitors stay. ,Quiet Hours: Quiet Hours are from 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM. ,Conduct: You, as our guest are responsible for the conduct of your visitors. Please ensure that they are familiar with all of our Rules and Regulations before they enter the Park. Objectionable conduct of any kind or violation of any park rule or anyone causing a disturbance will immediately be asked to leave the premises and will forfeit all fees. Rowdiness, loud music, abusive language, violent behavior, and drunkenness, possession or use of drugs will not be tolerated at any time. ,Speed Limit: Speed Limit is 10 MPH ,RV Area: No temporary buildings, structures, outside appliances, window air conditioners, etc. without Park Management approval. No mats or rugs on the exterior gravel. Outside of RV and Lot area must be kept clean and free of debris. Trash must be bagged and placed in dumpsters. Outdoor patio furniture, a few potted plants, etc. may be allowed on your patio as long as the site looks neat and uncluttered. No landscaping (plants, bushes, fences, gardens, lawn jockeys) may extend beyond your patio pending approval of the office. No indoor furniture may be left on patio. ,Vehicle and Parking Policies: No vehicle maintenance, oil changes or repairs allowed. Emergency repairs may be allowed with Park Management approval. Contact Management prior to starting any emergency repairs. All property must be in the confines of the space. Parking on roads is prohibited. No RV¿Äôs that fall into a state of disrepair will be allowed to remain in the park. 10-year cutoff to be eligible to gain long term entrance into the park. Each RV will use one space and hookups for that assigned space only. All RV¿Äôs and other vehicles must have current license, registration, and insurance at all times. Occupants and the...

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