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Alerts and Important Information
Alerts and Important Information


Overnight camping is limited to seven (7) nights in any ten (ten) day period.
Only one vehicle and camping unit is included with standard camp fees. A second vehicle/tent at the campsite (or alternate area) is subject to a nightly $7.00 extra vehicle/tent fee. Maximum of 2 vehicles per campsite.
Maximum occupancy per campsite, to include all individuals and animal pets, is 8 per day
Check in is 2:00 pm and check out is 12:00 pm.
Quiet hours are 10 pm to 7 am.
All animals must be in a pet container or on a leash/lead line (one end attached to the animal, the other end attached to a human or man-made stationary structure), which restricts the animal to the site where the owner is camping, picnicking, etc. No animal shall be allowed to infringe upon another visitor.
You must be at least 18 years old to make park reservations.
Motor vehicles are not to exceed five (5) miles per hours in the park unless otherwise posted.

Possible Fire Ban

At the discretion of the State Forestry Department, fires normally permitted in park areas may be restricted or prohibited due to high fire hazard conditions.

For a complete list of rules/guidelines and fees, please visit our website .

Notice pursuant to ORS 105.688: Any fee paid as part of this application is for the reservation of the specific area, at the specific time, and for the specific recreational use identified in this application. Pursuant to ORS 105.682 and ORS 105.688(4), Columbia County is not liable in contract or tort for any personal injury, death or property damage that arises out of the use of the park for any other recreational purposes, during any other time, or in any other area of the park.

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