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Alerts and Important Information
Check In/Out Times: Check in ¿Äì 1pm-3pm. Check out ¿Äì 11am. ,Speed Limit: Speed limit 5 mph ¿Äì this is not Bristol Baby!,Tents and Vehicles: One vehicle per RV site, two per tent site.,RV Policies: 26 feet max on all pull behind campers. All pull behinds must be in good condition. No leakage of any fluid.,Shoes: Shoes on at all times.,Dumping Policy: No dumping of black or gray water ¿Äì dumpsites are close by.,Cleanliness and Trash: No trash burning - take your trash with you. Keep sites clean, including cigarette butts. ,Fire Policy: Do not leave campfires unattended ¿Äì Smokey the Bear says so. Fire ring provided - Bring your own wood precut for a 2ft fire ring, no cutting down trees ¿Äì no lumber jackin! No fireworks or bond fires. No discharging of firearms and must be concealed ¿Äì we are not a shooting range. ,Quiet Hours: Quiet time starts at 10pm ¿Äì read a book.,Alcohol: No public intoxication or disorderly behavior - no streakin' no matter what the dare was! No glass bottles. Alcohol to be at your campsite only ¿Äì drink one for us, but not too many. ,Pet Rules: All pets to be up to date on shots and on a leash at all times ¿Äì pick up the dog poop. Pets not left unattended. ,Music: Music is allowed but no LOUD music.,No Shortcuts: No shortcuts through others campsites ¿Äì Honor Thy Neighbor.,Swim At Your Own Risk: Enter river at your own risk ¿Äì bring safety equipment, we are not liable.,What Happens at Holston Hideaway...: What happens in the campground, stays in the campground (and we laugh about it all year long)!
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