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Alerts and Important Information
Pet Policy: Your pet is welcome at our park as we realize they are a member of your family. However, all pets must be on a leash when outside except while in the dog run. No pet is allowed in any building. Pets cannot be tied up and left outside without an owner present. ALL feces left must be bagged and disposed of in one of the dumpsters. DO NOT dispose of feces in the bathroom or laundry room trash receptacles.,Children Policies: Young children should be accompanied by an adult in the bathrooms and laundry rooms. At the pool, children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Please make sure children understand common courtesies and the park rules while in the park.,Fire Rules: Campfires & Charcoal Grills are prohibited. Propane fire pits & grills are allowed. We are in a Range Fire area and embers are not permitted per regulation.,Speed Limit: The speed limit in the park is 10 mph. Please observe the ¿ÄúOne Way¿Äù and ¿ÄúExit¿Äù signs. DO NOT drive through sites when entering or leaving the park whether occupied or not. Stay on the park roads and observe the ¿ÄúDo Not Enter¿Äù and ¿ÄúOne Way¿Äù signs.,Smoking: Smoking is prohibited in all buildings as well as breezeways between buildings. DO NOT drop cigarette butts on the ground anywhere including your camp site. We are in a Range Fire area. Please respect our park and the other campers and help us keep our park clean.,Trash: DO NOT leave trash at your site, in the restrooms, or in the laundry room. Please place all trash in dumpsters or receptacles.,Quiet Hours: Quiet Hours are from 10 pm to 7 am. Please respect your fellow campers if you are sitting out past 10 pm.,Conserve Electricity: While running cooling units in RV units, the RV windows shall remain closed to conserve electricity.,Parking: Do not park outside of your designated space area unless otherwise discussed with management.,No Vehicle Washing: No washing of any vehicle is allowed in the park.,Winter Weather: In temperatures below 30 degrees, RV owners shall disconnect water hose from well/water head and shut off the water lever. Any damage to the well head caused by the camper will be at the campers expense.

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