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Flanders Ranch is 1826 acres located in GMU 441. Fishing is open year round excluding the big game season. Big game and waterfowl hunting is open with a reservation.

By making a reservation with Colorado Parks and Wildlife, you are agreeing to read and abide by all rules stated in this purchase flow and on the confirmation letter.

  • A. Access is by foot only.
  • B. Fishing is prohibited during established big game hunting seasons.
  • C. Waterfowl hunting on the property will be permitted for one (1) group (up to four hunters) per day during established waterfowl seasons.
  • D. Big game hunting on the property will be divided across eight established time periods with up to eight (8) reservations available per time period:
    • i. Three archery seasons for deer and elk (no overlap with muzzleloader season),
    • ii. The muzzleloader deer and elk season,
    • iii. The first regular rifle elk season,
    • iv. The second regular rifle deer and elk season,
    • v. The third regular rifle deer and elk season, and
    • vi. The fourth regular rifle deer and elk season.
  • E. Waterfowl and big game hunting access is by reservation only. Reservation holders must have their confirmation letter with them at all times while hunting on the property.
  • F. To make a reservation, big game hunters must already possess a license for one of the specific hunt codes permitted on the property.
  • G. Reservations may be obtained through the Hunter Reservation System according to #901.A of these regulations.
  • H. Dogs must be kept on a leash no greater than six feet in length, except when used as an aid in waterfowl hunting.
  • I. Parking is prohibited, except in designated areas.
  • J. Public boating, launching or the recovery of boats from the Yampa River is prohibited.

  • For waterfowl, reservations are not accepted more than 14 days in advance of the hunt date, nor after 12:00 noon on the day before the hunt date, unless otherwise specified.
  • For big game, reservations are not accepted more than 45 days in advance of the start of the hunting season, nor after 12:00 noon seven (7) days before the start the season.
  • Hunters are limited to a maximum of one reservation per hunt date or season.

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