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Devil's Hopyard's principle feature, Chapman Falls, drops more than sixty feet over a series of steps in a Scotland Schist stone formation. The water from the splash pool at the base of the falls, continuing as the Eight Mile River, flows through the park's hemlock-canopied picnic area, providing a tranquil setting for a family outing. Many myths surround the name of the park, including one about a man named Dibble, who grew hops for beer-brewing. Through usage, Dibble's Hopyard supposedly became Devil's Hopyard. Another tale says that the Devil passed by the falls and accidentally wet his tail. Furious, he burned holes in the stones with his hooves as he bounded away. Now, we know that the potholes near the falls, which are some of the finest examples of pothole stone formations in this section of the country, were formed by stones moved downstream by the current, trapped in an eddy where the stone was spun around, wearing a depression in the rock. When the rock wore itself down, another would catch in the same hole and enlarge it. Perfectly cylindrical, the potholes range from inches to several feet in diameter and depth.
Natural Features
In 1919, the former State Park and Forest Commission obtained an 860-acre parcel located in the Millington section of Haddam. The site grew to 940 acres and is now known as Devil's Hopyard.
The park offers some of the finest birding in the state, and fishermen find the clear, cool stream water an excellent source of brook trout. Additional activities at the park include picnicking, camping, hiking, and mountain biking.
Devil's Hopyard Campground offers 21 campsites, available from mid-April through September 30th. Pedestal cooking grills, picnic shelters, picnic tables, and outhouses are also available.
Nearby Attractions
Nearby state parks include Day Pond State Park, in Colchester, Gillette Castle State Park, in East Haddam, Haddam Meadows State Park, also in Haddam, and Rocky Neck State Park, in East Lyme.


The water within Devil's Hopyard State Park is unsafe for drinking - therefore there is no access to running water anywhere within the park or campground areas. Campers and visitors to the park must bring in their own water.

In an effort to protect Connecticut's forests from the introduction and spread of destructive insect pests - in particular the emerald ash borer and Asian long-horned beetle - the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection is taking the following action:

Prohibiting the bringing of firewood into state of Connecticut campgrounds and state parks from other states. As an alternative, firewood can be either purchased at the camp stores within the state campgrounds or at local retail sellers of firewood, however, please note that there is no camp office or camp store at Devil's Hopyard.
The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection greatly appreciates the public's assistance in helping to protect the state's natural resources and apologizes for any inconvenience this initiative may cause.

The maximum length of stay is fourteen consecutive days. Following each stay at any campground, regardless of duration, a five day interim period is mandatory for all members of the camping party. All camping equipment must also be removed from the park during the interim five day period, and may not be used for other sites or other campers. Campers may not move to another camping area within the same park or forest during the interim.

Additional information can be found at the following address.
CT State Parks (DEEP) or Friends of Connecticut State Parks

General Camping Information
Explore the natural and cultural histories of Connecticut State Parks and Forests through interpretation! Interpretive events are listed on the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection's website. Take a hike, meet a snake, learn about forest heroes, and more! Follow this link to the DEEP's Calendar of Events. Perform a "Keyword" search for this park/forest and then join a program. Additional programs may be offered, so be sure to check with the campground staff. For additional information please call the DEEP Division of State Parks at 860-424-3200. Find interpretive programs: http://www.depdata.ct.gov/calendar/

Devil's Hopyard camping trips are easy to plan with ReserveAmerica. Devil's Hopyard campground reservations can be made online. Click one of the links below to see available campsites at Devil's Hopyard or day pass availability.