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Alerts and Important Information
  • Leashed Pets Allowed.

    To insure pets are compatible with other visitors and to protect our forest resources, all pet owners must follow the rules listed below:
    1. Provide proof of rabies vaccination when registering to camp or have proof of vaccination (tag) on pet.
    2. Keep all pets confined, leashed or otherwise under the physical control of a person at all times (excluding voice control). Maximum length of leashes is 10 feet.
    3. Pets must be well behaved at all times.
    4. Pets must be confined in the owner’s camping unit (tent, camper, RV) during designated quiet hours from 10:00 pm to 8:00 am.
    5. Pets may not be left unattended for more than 30 minutes and must be leashed. Health Dept. reg-ulations exclude pets from bathhouses (service dogs allowed).
    6. Pet owners must pick up after their pets and properly dispose of all pet waste in trash receptacles.
    7. Pets that are noisy, vicious, dangerous, disturbing or intimidating to forest visitors and other pets or that damage forest resources are considered to be nuisances and will not be permitted to remain in the forest.
  • Please contact WSF Dispatch at 352-797-4100 for assistance after hours and before you begin your outing each day to verify if prescribed burning will be taking place that day if you are recreating outside the campground.
  • During hunting season it is recommended hikers were at least 500 square inches of blaze orange clothing for safety. Refer to MyFWC.com website for dates.
  • Please wear at least 500 square inches of Blaze Orange colored clothing when hiking the trails during hunting seasons.
  • No hunting allowed in campgrounds. Please contact myfwc.com for specific hunting seasons and dates if planning on using any of the hiking trails.
  • Chainsaw use is camping facilities is prohibited. Operation/use of chainsaws in other ares of the forest requires a Fuel Wood Permit.
Only licensed, street legal vehicles are permitted in the complex. The use of horses, go-karts, golf carts, ATV’s or dirt bikes is prohibited.

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