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Alerts and Important Information
Fire - Campers are asked to use camp stoves and build fires in the fire pits or grills provided. Hikers - Travel with at least one companion. Leave word with someone where you are going and when to expect you back. Wind, wetness, and exhaustion add up to hypothermia. Be prepared to combat exposure by carrying rain gear, extra food and clothes, even when you don't expect to need them. Bears - Bear frequent park areas and are attracted by food odors. Clean fish in the river and keep food in your vehicle - never in the tent. A clean campsite is a good precaution. When hiking make noise to alert bears of your presence. Fishing - With the onset of fishing season, fishermen should inform themselves of Alaska State fishing regulations. Sport Fishing is not allowed within 300 feet of a fish weir. Snagging - hooking a fish other than in the mouth, is not allowed in fresh water. See the Dept. of Fish and Game web site for more information on fishing regulations.

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