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Alerts and Important Information
Fireworks and Firearms: Fireworks and firearms are strictly prohibited in our park. The prohibiting of fireworks includes sparklers, smoke bombs, aerials, and firecrackers. The prohibiting of firearms includes all guns including air soft, BB, and pellet guns. If these items are seen outside of your RV, you will be asked to leave immediately without a refund.,Laundry Room: The laundry room is open 24/7. Please do not leave your laundry unattended. We are not responsible for accidents or theft. Pets are not allowed in the Laundry Room,Restroom/Shower Facilities: For the comfort of all our guests, restrooms are open 24/7 with exception of a temporary closing for cleanings. We ask for your help in keeping the restrooms clean, please. Guest under the age of 18 need adult supervision in the bathrooms and showers. Please do not share the bathroom code with others.,Site Appearance: No permanent fixtures such as wood or metal canopies, sheds, etc. are permitted. Porches per Management PRIOR approval. Cleanliness of the park is important to us. Sites are to be kept clean and orderly, as determined by management. Storage is not allowed under or around your RV or picnic table. Garbage dumpster is available at all times. The dumpster is for household garbage only. ,No Parking: Please do not park on open sites or on the roadway without approval of the Park Management. Please respect the privacy of fellow guests and do not walk through occupied sites. Use of more than one site will result in additional charges.,Speed Limit: The park speed limit is 5 mph. This policy is to keep you, your children, and your pets safe. Exceeding this speed limit will result in a warning. Multiple warnings will require us to ask you to leave. Safety is our number one priority for our guests.,Open Fires: Open fires are not allowed in our park. Fires must be in firepits or designated fire rings. You must place the fire pit over the gravel or concrete, so that the heat from it does not damage the grass.,Bastrop Bayou RV Park Rules and Regulations: BASTROP BAYOU RV PARK RULES AND REGULATIONS 1. All space rent is due in advance. Any stay beyond the prepaid term is subject to a late charge of $10.00 per day. Non payment will result in immediate termination of utilities and all privileges. 2. Any Guest¿Äôs terms can be non-renewed at the sole discretion of the Management. 3. Quite hours are from 10:00pm to 7:30am. 4. No loud parties, loud music or public intoxication at any time. Guests are responsible for their visitors. 5. Children are to be supervised and parents/guardians must assume responsibility for all actions of their children and their guest¿Äôs children. 6. Indoor pets are welcome. NO outdoor pets allowed. Dogs must be cleaned up after and must be leashed and under physical control of the owner/handler at all times. Noisy or unruly pets are not allowed. 7. Please do not park on open sites or on the roadway without approval of the Park Management. 8. Please respect the privacy of fellow guests and do not walk through occupied sites. 9. Please keep your RV in good working condition and clean. We reserve the right to refuse service to any rig based upon its appearance and/or condition. 10. Please keep all cords, cables and hoses coiled and out of the way of the grounds crew. 11. Unless performed by a licensed, on-site RV Repair company, no repairing or overhauling of vehicle is all...
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