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Season Dates
Current Status - Closed until further notice
First day of the regular waterfowl season to the day before the first day of pheasant season.
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Alerts and Important Information

By making a reservation with Colorado Parks and Wildlife, you are agreeing to read and abide by all rules stated in this purchase flow and on the confirmation letter.

  • A. Boating is prohibited, except for float tubes or craft propelled by hand.
  • B. Camping is prohibited.
  • C. Fires are prohibited.
  • D. Discharge of firearms or bows is prohibited, except when hunting or training hunting dogs.
  • E. Discharge of bows is allowed for bowfishing.
  • F. Horseback riding is prohibited.
  • G. Bicycling is prohibited.
  • H. Fishing is prohibited from October 1 through the end of February.
  • I. Public access is prohibited from the first day of the regular waterfowl season to the day before the first day of pheasant season, except for waterfowl hunting on Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays and state and federal holidays. During this period reservations are available for waterfowl, but not required. Reservations are valid throughout the reserved day until the hunter with the reservation checks out. Hunters may check in on a first come, first served basis after a hunter with a reservation checks out, or if no reservation exists for a hunt area after 12:00 midnight immediately preceding the hunt, or if a reserved area is not claimed by legal sunrise. No more than four hunters are allowed per reservation. Hunters with reservations may only hunt the hunt area specified on the reservation.
  • J. From the Thursday before September 1 through the end of the dark goose season, scouting is permitted only on Thursdays that are not open to hunting within and immediately prior to established waterfowl seasons. Scouting will be permitted from 10:00 am until 2:00 pm with a reservation confirmation number or letter issued by the Division, and all persons scouting must check in and check out at the check station. During scouting dates, firearms and dogs are prohibited.
  • K. Waterfowl hunters must check in and check out at the designated check station.
  • L. Public access is allowed only through designated parking areas.
  • M. Public access is prohibited north of Colo 52 from April 1 through July 15.
  • N. Public access is restricted to foot traffic only.
  • O. Dog training is permitted north of Colo 52 during February, March and July 16 to August 31 only. Dog training is permitted south of Colo 52 from February 1 through August 31 only.
  • P. Field trials may be authorized during February, March, and August only. No more than four (4) field trials will be allowed per year, except that the number of group training events will not be limited.
  • Q. Domestic birds, feral birds, or privately-owned game birds may be released for field trials and for dog training south of Colo 52 by permit only, in accordance with the provisions of this chapter and other applicable regulations, including, but not limited to, #007, #008, #009, #801 and #804 of these regulations. All such birds taken during training activities shall be removed from the State Wildlife Area by the dog training permittee and all privately-owned game birds shall be prepared for human consumption.
  • R. The Division is authorized to implement a dog training reservation system should overcrowding become an issue on the State Wildlife Area.

  • Reservations are not accepted more than 14 days in advance of the hunt date, nor after 12:00 noon on the day before the hunt date, unless otherwise specified.
  • Hunters are limited to a maximum of one reservation per hunt date.

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