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Alerts and Important Information
Pet Policy: Must be kept on a leash and secured at all times. All dogs must be licensed and up-to-date on vaccinations. Doggy deposits must be cleaned up immediately. Waste baggies may be purchased from the campground store. All pets must be attended, if left unattended they must be kept in your camper. Any habitual barking dogs will be asked to be removed. There is a $2/dog per day fee starting for the 2020 camping season. Dogs are not permitted on beach or in swimming area. No swimming in large fishing pond. ,Registration & Fees: All visitors must pay and register at the office before entry. ANY guest not in your original group when you checked in is a visitor. Daily visits are $2.00 per person and overnight visits are $4.00 per person. No visitors admitted after 10 PM. Those remaining after 10 PM will be charged as an overnight guest of $4.00 per person. Tenants are responsible for their guests. ,Ponds: NO LIFEGUARDS ON DUTY. SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK. ABSOLUTELY NO SWIMMING AFTER DARK. Fishing is limited to north end of swimming pond. Enjoy the campground and ponds, but please no littering. All fish caught must be released back into pond, unless management approval. Parents are responsible for their children & visitors in and around the ponds at all time. Pets are not permitted to swim in the swimming pond. ,Family Atmosphere: We maintain a family-oriented atmosphere. If you are wanting to get drunk and loud, this is NOT the place! Alcoholic beverages are permitted if kept under control. All alcoholic beverages must be kept in a koozie at all times. No one under the age of 21 is permitted to have any alcoholic beverages while on the Back 40 Campground premises. Loud or profane language is not consistent with a good family atmosphere. So please refrain. RESPECT the privacy of other campers! DO NOT walk or drive across other camp sites. ,Early Check-In/Late Check-Out : Early Arrival 8am-1pm $5/per hour charge up to $25.00 Extended stay(the day you are to leave) $5/per hour up to $25.00 Please know that we may not be able to accommodate an early arrival or late departure ¿ÄãPLEASE CALL AHEAD,Stop Signs: You are required to stop at all STOP signs by the recreation building/office. ,Trash Policy: A trash dumpster is located near the exit gate for campground trash only. Trash may not be brought in from other places. Trash and litter including cigarette butts must be disposed of properly.,Illness Onsite: Anyone who has a communicable disease needs to notify the office personnel. This information will be kept strictly confidential. ,Prohibited Activities and Items: NO ILLEGAL DRUGS on Back 40 Campground premises. If caught, Police will be called, and you will be required to leave without refund. No cutting or trimming of trees. No ATV's or dirt bikes allowed. . No vehicle washing of any kind including campers without prior approval from Back 40 Campground management. The shower handles are spring loaded in order to conserve water, tying them down is prohibited. Do not ride bicycles after dark, for safety reasons. Golf carts must be registered. There is a $5/day golf cart fee. ,Children: Children under the age of 18 are not to be left at the campground unattended and must be at their campsite or accompanied by an adult at all times after 10:00 PM. Parents/guardians are responsible for damages to the Back 40 Campground/4D Outdoors Inc. or others' property by the...

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