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Site Availability
Search by Date Range
You can search for availability at a location for desired dates by entering a state name or address in the Where? search criterion. A list of campgrounds with availability is displayed.
Campgrounds appear in alphabetical order. Click Book Sites to view the Date Range Availability for a selected site.
If a site isn't available, we could click Find Next Available Date for a site.
Site Restrictions
Site availability is affected by many factors when booking a reservation on the website. The following issues can affect whether a site is available on the ReserveAmerica website:
Site Seasons: Each park has an open date and a close date which determines a park's season, or in other words, how long it's open. These dates vary for each park and are governed by the policies of the responsible agency. A park's season determines the earliest and final date of the year that it can accept campers. Its geographic location also determines the season since parks in warmer climates may be open year-round.
Site Closures: On occasion it is necessary for a park to close a site. Reasons vary from general site maintenance to closures during emergency like a flood for example. ReserveAmerica will display the site but will show it as unavailable.
Non-Reservable Sites: A park has complete control over which campsites are made available to ReserveAmerica for display on our website. Available sites are indicated during the reservation process when searching for availability or looking in the Campground Detail pages. Non-reserve able sites can be closed or reserved for walk-in customers only.
Site Already Booked: During peak season, a park can be in high demand. Although ReserveAmerica's website is available to campers around the world also looking to make reservations, a site is not booked until it is confirmed with a reservation ID number.