Campground or Marina Search

Campground or Marina Search
Booking a campsite or marina slip in one of the many parks and recreational areas within the U.S. begins with a search for facility names or addresses – including street, State, and city names. You can combine information in the Where? field (for example, Montana Alta campground). The Interested in drop-down list will help you to narrow down the type of recreation activity you are looking for.
Getting Started
Not sure where to begin your search? Start with Find an adventure, or alternatively, you can browse around the different featured sections on the home page.
Search by Where? and Interested in
Use the Where? search criteria to find a particular park with specific amenities or services by typing the park name and selecting a match from the auto-complete list or by pressing Enter.
You can also start typing a specific city, State, or address. Our addresses are returned from Google and we have a maximum number that we display in the auto-complete list. If you can't find it, press Enter anyway and you will land on our Did you mean page, which will provide some more results that match your input.
You can specify a type of recreational activity in the Interested in drop-down list.