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The Technical Riding Area at Croom Motorcycle Area will be available for daily entrance reservations starting 8/14/2020. The tracks are open Friday-Sunday, all year round. There are no refunds for cancellations.

The Technical Riding Area (TRA) within the Croom Motorcycle Area of the Withlacoochee State Forest is the newest addition for riders to enjoy. The TRA is open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, weather permitting. The TRA has separate Adult and youth tracks that each require a TRA day use pass. All riders are required to have a CMA entrance pass (Day or Annual) and a TRA day pass to utilize the TRA tracks. The TRA also includes an Enduro/obstacle course available for day pass holders.

Operating hours will be from 9a.m. to noon and 1p.m.-4p.m. allowing maintenance time between sessions.

Sixty riders (60) riders per day, fifty (50) adults maximum and ten (10) youth.

All riders are required to wear proper safety gear.

Ten(10) riders maximum on the adult track at any given time. Five (5) youth maximum allowed on the track at any given time. Each youth is required to have adult supervision. No adults riding on the youth track. Six (6) riders maximum on the Enduro/obstacle Track at any given time.
Natural Features
CMA is continually changing due to weather and natural terrain ranging from hardwood hammocks and tight scrubs to numerous pits left from historic mining operations. Unforeseen hazards exist. Conditions are subject to constant change. Operating OHM/ATVs in such terrain is inherently dangerous. Ride safely and follow all rules to reduce the risk to yourself and others.

Only by becoming a responsible rider can you ensure your continued use of this forest treasure.
ATTENTION: There is no camping at the Technical Riding Area. This facility is only available for those interested in a Day Pass.
Day Passes - Important Information
Everyone must enter CMA main gate located west of I-75 and north of SR 50 on La Rose Road. All unlicensed, non-street legal vehicles must be trailered or hauled in and out of CMA. All OHM/ATVs must remain within CMA boundary fencing as shown on CMA map.

There are NO REFUNDS on purchased day passes.

Day Use Areas are open 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. All riders are expected to exit the front gate no later than 5:00pm. Gate closes PROMPTLY at 5:00 pm.

Park only in designated areas. Do not leave trash on trails. Pack out trash/refuse.

Off-road use within CMA is restricted to OHM/ATVs which are 55 inches or less in width and having a dry weight of 1500 pounds or less.

All other street legal vehicles must remain on designated roads and are not allowed on trails. With the exception of Enduro Motorcycles that have purchased an OHV entrance pass

OHM/ATV operators under age 16 are required to have direct adult (18 or older) supervision in all areas, at all times, including while in the campground.

The inexperienced riding areas are for children 12 and under and requires adult supervision at all times. Experienced riders, youth or adult, are not permitted to ride in this area.

No double riding on OHMs, no exceptions. No double riding on ATVs unless unit was designed by the manufacture for use by more than one rider.

All riders must wear D.O.T. approved protective headgear designed for OHM/ATVs. All riders under age 16 must also wear eye protection and over ankle boots.

All OHM/ATVs are required to have spark arresters and mufflers in accordance with Florida Highway Patrol Handbook.

All riders are required to obey all traffic and information signs.

Please note that all track conditions and their use are weather dependent, and may be closed if deemed too wet to ride.

All group activities require a Special Use Permit, obtained a minimum of two weeks in advance. Special Event requests must be made sixty days in advance. All groups and event coordinators using CMA are required to obtain a Special Use Permit from the Withlacoochee State Forest Visitor Center at 352-797-4140.

Florida Forest Service is not responsible for articles lost, damaged or stolen. In case of emergency call 911, our 24-hour Dispatch Office at 352-797-4100 or CMA Gate House at 352-797-5759

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