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Processing your Order
After searching for a campground and finding an available site, enter reservation details and payment information to secure the site.
Best Before Time
The Best Before Time is the amount of time left before the site is no longer held for your reservation, so it's important to book your site before the time expires. Activation will start on the timer after a site and dates have been selected and the Book these dates button has been clicked.
Add or Modify Site Information
Details of a reservation can still be changed or cancelled before committing to any type of payment. Use the Web links to do the following:
Policies and Procedures
Rules and policies for a park are based on the governing organization of the park. Governing organizations determine all of the policies that are required when entering reservation details such as minimum and maximum number of occupants, the number of vehicles, etc.
Reservation policies also determine booking rules for a park or site. Booking rules determine factors such as the number of nights a reservation can booked over a period of time, how close a reservation can be booked prior to arrival date, how far in advance a reservation can be booked prior to arrival date, etc.
For complete detail on the policies and procedures apply to booking a reservation, see Reservation Policies and Procedures.
ReserveAmerica Policies and Procedures
A set of policies and procedures have been implemented for booking reservations through ReserveAmerica’s website or Call Centers. A list of these procedures is available on the Reservation Details page and requires users to confirm their understanding of a policy before proceeding to book a reservation. For a summary of the policies, see Reservation Policies and Procedures.
Apply Discount to Reservation
A discount can be applied to a reservation if the primary occupant is qualified to receive the discount. The qualification may be based on status, for example, ages (senior or youth) or occupation (veteran), or certain types of pass. Select from a list of available customer types/passes to check whether you are qualified for any discount.
Methods of Payment
ReserveAmerica accepts multiple payment methods for making reservations online at a park or facility. Unless otherwise stated on the payment policies page of a contract, payments are to be made by credit card.
The following credit card types are accepted by ReserveAmerica: