You can view or change your online reservations after signing-in and clicking My Reservations & Account.
Modifying an Existing Reservation
You can change the details of reservation to make updates to occupant or equipment information already entered in the reservation. On an active Reservation Details page, click Change Reservation Detail. You can now make changes to this information.
Changing Dates
Changing the dates of an existing reservation can be done by contacting the reservation center.
Changing Sites
Contact the reservation center to make a site change.
Paying an Outstanding Balance
If an outstanding balance is still owed for a reservation, a payment can be made from the Reservation Details page by clicking the Pay Balance button. On the Payment page, enter credit card payment details and click the Pay Balance button.
Past Reservations
You can check past reservations and make a payment to any outstanding balances. See Pay an Outstanding Balance above for more information.
Cancelling a Reservation
To cancel a reservation, access the Reservation Details listed in Current Reservations. In the Reservation Details, click Cancel Reservations. Please review your cancellation details carefully and make a payment if there is a balance due.