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Quiz: What Type of Camper Are You?

By Jessica Sanders

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With more than 15,000 campgrounds across the country, choosing the best one for your trip can be difficult. The trick is to know what kind of camper you are. A glamper won't appreciate the lack of amenities that a minimalist camper enjoys; and adventurous campers thrive on having activities nearby while relaxed campers just need a comfortable spot to rest their feet. The good news is that there's a campground out there for everyone. Find out which one is right for you.

1. When I get to the campsite, I:

a. Start a fire, pull out the chairs, and kick my feet up.

b. Take out my map and find the nearest trail.

c. Log onto the free Wi-Fi to upload a picture of the campsite.

d. Pull out the pop-up tent and unload my fast-burning firewood.

e. Crack a beer and turn on the tunes.

2. For cookware, I pack:

a. One or two pots—that usually does the trick.

b. Only what I can fit in my backpack.

c. A Dutch oven, a camping stove and my Panini press.

d. One cast iron pan that I can cook everything in.

e. Nothing—I just use the fire to cook my burgers and dogs.

3. My favorite camping activity is:

a. Hanging out at the campsite, playing cards or listening to music.

b. Hiking from sunup to sundown, or hopping on my mountain bike.

c. Streaming Netflix while I relax in my hammock.

d. Swimming, walking; whatever is close by.

e. Playing drinking games with my friends at the campsite.

4. For breakfast I usually have:

a. Whatever everyone else is having, I'm not picky.

b. Whatever I can make quickly before heading out for the day.

c. A vegetable omelet with a side of breakfast potatoes and tomato jam.

d. A bowl of cereal.

e. A bloody mary and a bagel.

5. If it starts to rain, I:

a. Go into my tent and enjoy a good book.

b. Put on my rain clothes and continue trekking.

c. Get to a dry place and put on a movie.

d. Put up my pop-up shelter and wait it out.

e. Make a Slip 'N Slide with our tarps.

6. My most expensive piece of camping gear is:

a. My fishing pole, I love to fish while relaxing on the shore.

b. My carbon fiber trekking poles.

c. The oriental rug for my tent.

d. My cast iron pan.

e. My iHome.

7. My favorite fireside tunes are:

a. Smooth jazz; it always makes me feel more relaxed.

b. I prefer the sounds of nature.

c. Anything; with Wi-Fi we can listen to everything.

d. Whatever I can find on my music player.

e. Techno keeps me pumped up all night.

8. The phrase the best describes my relationship to camping, is:

a. I enjoy the peace and quiet of nature.

b. I've been camping my whole life.

c. I like getting away, but not from the luxuries of life.

d. The simplicity of camping is what's important to me.

e. I love drinking with my friends around the campfire.

If you answered mostly A's: Your camping style is relaxed

For you, camping is all about recharging your batteries and enjoying a much-needed escape from the stresses of life. A small campground, surrounded by the peace and quiet of nature is just what you need for a perfect camping trip.

Check out Golden Memorial State Park.

If you answered mostly B's: Your camping style is adventurous

You don't go camping to sit around the campsite; you go to get active. Find a campground that offers a variety of activities; some offer hiking, biking, rock climbing, swimming and fishing.

Check out Tanners Flat Campground.

If you answered mostly C's: Your camping style is Glampourous

You like being in nature, but the luxuries of home have to come with you. As a glamper, you should look for a campground that offers electrical hookups, free Wi-Fi, laundry, and plenty of space to make yourself at home.

Check out Billings KOA.

If you answered mostly D's: Your camping style is Minimalistic

You don't need much to make your camping weekend a success. Find a campground that's tucked into the wilderness, offering just enough amenities to get by for the weekend.

Check out Blue Mountain Campground.

If you answered mostly E's: Your camping style is Festive

It's great to be in nature, but for you, camping is really about drinking and hanging out with your friends. Choose a campground that's either remote, or doesn't have quiet hours, so you can party with your friends all night long.

Check out Crystal Springs Campground.

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Jessica Sanders is the Associate Online Editor for ReserveAmerica.com. After many years of camping and hiking in the Northeast, she's exploring what the West has to offer and sharing all of her knowledge with you. She's a s'mores master, campsite connoisseur, writer, runner and lover of all things outdoors. Follow her on Google+.