Hunting & Fishing Licenses

Hunting & Fishing License Websites by State/Province

Looking for a Fishing License for your camping trip?
Here is the one place you can find Hunting and Fishing License and Permit websites.
State License and Permit Service Websites Licenses and services provided
Alabama State
Hunting and Fishing License
Alaska State
Sport fishing, hunting or trapping license, a commercial crew license, a big game locking tag, State of Alaska duck stamp, king salmon stamp, drawing permit, McNeil River bear viewing permit, sport fish business owner/guide license or a Juneau area personal use king crab permit
Arizona State
Hunting and Fishing (Not available online or phone. Available through dealer only)
Arkansas State
Hunting or Fishing License. Deer, Elk, Waterfowl, Turkey, or Alligator Permits
California State
Hunting and Fishing License (PDF application forms)
Colorado State
Hunting and Fishing License
Connecticut State
Hunting and Fishing License
Delaware State
Hunting and Fishing License
Florida State
Hunting and Fishing. Quota Hunt Permits. Special Opportunity Applications
Georgia State
Hunting and Fishing. Boat Registration
Hawaii State
Hunting and Fishing License (by phone only)
Idaho State
Fishing and Hunting Licenses, Tags, and Permits. Super Hunt Applications
Illinois State
Deer and/or Turkey Application. Hunting and/or Fishing License. Watercraft/Snowmobile Renewal. Record Deer/Turkey Harvest. Purchase Commercial Permits.
Indiana State
Fishing, hunting and trapping licenses.
Iowa State
Hunting & Trapping Licenses. Deer Hunting Licenses. Turkey Hunting Licenses. Fishing Licenses.
Kansas State
Hunting/fishing license, big game/turkey permit, park permit, preference point or apply for a big game permit. Renew Your Boat Registration.
Kentucky State
Elk Lottery Permits, Hunting Licenses, Fishing Licenses, and various permits, for yourself or as a gift for others.
Louisiana State
Purchase Hunting and Fishing License(s). Validate Deer/Turkey tags. Get HIP certified. Renew a Boat Registration.
Maine State
Hunting & Fishing licensing
Maryland State
Hunting and Fishing Licenses
Massachusetts State
Fishing, Hunting, or Sporting License. Renew your Motorboat, ATV, or Snowmobile Registration; or purchase a Recreational Lobster Permit.
Michigan State
Hunting and fishing licenses, special hunt applications and permits.
Minnesota State
Hunting or Fishing License (Including Cross Country Ski Pass, Horse Trail Pass, and State Snowmobile Trail Permit). Recreational Vehicle (Watercraft, Snowmobile, ATV, OHM, and ORV).
Mississippi State
Hunting and Fishing License
Missouri State
Hunting and fishing permits
Montana State
Hunting and Fishing License
Nebraska State
Park entry permits. Fishing and Hunting Permits. Big Game, Paddlefish and Fur Harvest Permits. Apprentice certificates, stamps, and other.
Nevada State
Mountain lion tag or a hunting, fishing or electronic stamp privilege. Renew your boat registration. Register, confirm or cancel a Hunter Education class. Complete a Harvest Information Program Survey and obtain a validation number.
New Hampshire State
Fishing/Hunting Licenses. Moose Lottery. HIP Permit.
New Jersey State
Hunting and fishing licenses, stamps, and/or permits. Sign up for a hunter education class. Waterfowl Harvest Information Program (HIP) Certification.
New Mexico State
Hunting and fishing licenses
New York State
Fishing, Hunting, and Trapping Licenses. Deer Management Permit (DMP).
North Carolina State
Hunting, trapping or fishing license. Federal Harvest Information Program (HIP) Certification.
North Dakota State
License, Hunter Education, Harvest Information Program(HIP), Watercraft.
Ohio State
Hunting and fishing licenses, as well as all the required deer permits,turkey permits, trapping permits, shooting range permits, and state wetland habitat stamps.
Oklahoma State
Hunting and Fishing License. HIP Permit or Paddlefish Permit.
Oregon State
Hunting and Fishing Licenses, Angling Tags, Controlled Hunt Applications, Game Bird Validations and Permits, Hunting Tags, Raffles and Sauvie Island Parking Permits.
Pennsylvania State
Hunting and Fishing Licenses
Rhode Island State
Fishing License.
Saskatchewan Province
Hunting and Angling Licences.
South Carolina State
Hunting and Fishing Licenses. Renew Boat Registration. Order Turkey Tags.
South Dakota State
Hunting and Fishing License.
Tennessee State
Hunting and Fishing License. Boat Renewal. Boater Education.
Texas State
Hunting, fishing and outdoor recreation opportunities.
Utah State
Hunting & Fishing Licenses.
Vermont State
Fishing, hunting, archery, combination or trapping license.
Virginia State
Hunting and fishing licenses.
Washington State
Purchase a hunting or fishing license. Obtain a vehicle use permit for parking on WDFW lands and water access sites. Order raffle tickets. Make a donation to youth outdoor education events.
West Virginia State
Hunting and fishing licenses.
Wisconsin State
Hunting, fishing and trapping permits. Recreational vehicle trail pass.
Wyoming State
Fishing License (PDF forms). Hunting Permit Draw (On-line).