Sandy Beach RV Resort, NH

Photo: Sandy Beach RV Resort
Status: Closed through Tue Oct 21 2014   Season Dates
Max reservation window: Wed Oct 21 2015   Later Dates

Fees and Cancellation

Fee Information
Payment in full will be charged to your credit card upon completion of the reservation. A $3.00 non-refundable resort fee will be charged for each day of the reservation

Payments Method Accepted On-line:
Visa Mastercard Amex Discover

Please read the Fee and Cancellation Policy for more information

Facility Rates*
Park Season Site Type Nightly/Daily Rates
General Season
Oct 21 2014 -
Oct 21 2015
Tent Only $30.00-$41.00
($140.00-$210.00 Weekly**)
Standard $30.00-$41.00
($140.00-$210.00 Weekly**)
RV Only N/A
Cabin $75.00-$140.00
($450.00-$550.00 Weekly**)

*Displayed rates do not reflect discounts, attribute fees (electrical hook-ups / water hook-ups), taxes or incremental charges
**Weekly rates may not be available for all sites