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Yuba Lake State Park, UT

Photo: Yuba Lake State Park
Status: Open year round.   Season Dates
Max reservation window: Fri Feb 20 2015
Site, Loop:Walleye, CABIN
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Reservation Window: Wed Oct 22 2014 – Fri Feb 20 2015

Check-in: 3:00 pm

Departure date:
Check-out: 12:00 pm

Site Details:

  • Site Type: CABIN
  • Site Reserve Type: Site-Specific
  • Site Access: Drive-In
  • Checkin Time: 3:00 pm
  • Checkout Time: 12:00 pm
  • Type of Use: Overnight
  • Min Num of People: 1
  • Max Num of People: 8
  • Min Num of Vehicles: 1
  • Max Num of Vehicles: 2
  • Lake Front: Y
  • Air Conditioning: Room Only
  • Electric Heating: Y
  • Bed Type: Bunk
  • Num of Bunk Beds: 2
  • Num of Queen Beds: 2
  • Fridge with Freezer: Y
  • Lighting: Electric
  • Microwave: Y
  • Porch: Open
  • BBQ: Y
  • Looking For Category: Cabin and Lodging
  • Picnic Table: Y
Photo: Walleye, CABIN Photo: Walleye, CABIN Photo: Walleye, CABIN Photo: Walleye, CABIN Photo: Walleye, CABIN Photo: Walleye, CABIN

Alerts and Important Information


Each cabin provides: Sleeping accommodations for up to eight people Lighting, electrical outlets and cooling/heating unit Microwave and refrigerator Table and chairs Locking door with key Barbeque grill / firepit and picnic table located outside Visitors should bring: Bedding, such as sleeping bags and/or sheets, blankets and pillows Camping-style cookware and cooking supplies. Only microwave cooking is allowed in the cabin. Eating utensils Towels and washcloths (Showers and restrooms located nearby) Please follow these rules: Parking accommodations for two vehicles only. Please keep in mind that boat and utility trailers must be stored in a separate parking lot away from the cabin parking. No cooking allowed in cabins with the exception of the microwave. Only appliances designed for indoor use are allowed No pets allowed in or around cabins No smoking in cabins Absolutely no camp trailers or motorhomes allowed at the cabin parking. You must buy a separate camping site for any additional camp units. Individuals under 16 years of age must be directly supervised by an adult of at least 21 years of age. Fees for damage to the cabin or yurt are the responsibility of the person or persons named on this reservation. Actual costs associated with repairing any damage or excessive cleaning will be charged to the person named on this reservation. *** THE CODE TO GET INTO THE CABINS IS PRINTED ON YOUR CONFIRMATION, MAKE SURE YOU TAKE IT WITH YOU SO YOU CAN GET IN ******

Footnotes: (applicable only where specifically marked above)
** Arrival dates earlier than the online-reservation-window may also be available at the campground.