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Pulaski Park, RI

Status: Open through Mon Oct 13 2014   Season Dates
Max reservation window: Tue Sep 22 2015   Later Dates
Site, Loop:01, Pulaski Park
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Electric Hookup Near Water
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Reservation Window: Tue Sep 23 2014 – Tue Sep 22 2015

Check-in: 8:00 am

Departure date:
Check-out: 8:00 pm

Site Details:

  • Site Type: Shelter
  • Site Reserve Type: Site-Specific
  • Site Access: Drive-In
  • Checkin Time: 8:00 am
  • Checkout Time: 8:00 pm
  • Type of Use: Day
  • Electricity Hookup: 15
  • Max Num of People: 25
  • Driveway Surface: Gravel
  • Driveway Length: 300
  • Shade: Partial
  • Capacity/Size Rating: Single
  • Proximity to Water: Lakefront,Oceanfront
  • Looking For Category: Day Use
  • Picnic Table: Y
Photo: 01, Pulaski Park Photo: 01, Pulaski Park

Alerts and Important Information


Users of site #01 which is located near the beach may drive to it and drop off their day-use items but must bring their cars back out to the main parking lot. approx. 300' away. There is electricity available at this site. There are (5) five picnic tables.

** Arrival dates earlier than the online-reservation-window may also be available at the campground.