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Fontainebleau State Park, LA

Photo: Fontainebleau State Park
Status: Open year round.   Season Dates
Max reservation window: Sun Sep 20 2015   Later Dates
Site, Loop:MK001, Meeting Room
Find Similar Sites Type:Meeting Room (Type 2) Amenities:
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Reservation Window: Tue Oct 21 2014 – Sun Sep 20 2015

Check-in: 8:00 am

Departure date:
Check-out: 9:00 pm

Site Details:

  • Site Type: Meeting Room (Type 2)
  • Site Reserve Type: Site-Specific
  • ADA Accessible: Y
  • Checkin Time: 8:00 am
  • Checkout Time: 9:00 pm
  • Type of Use: Day
  • Min Num of People: 1
  • Max Num of People: 50
  • Min Num of Vehicles: 1
  • Max Num of Vehicles: 50
  • Driveway Surface: Paved
  • Shade: Full
  • Air Conditioning: Central
  • Electric Heating: Y
  • Hot Water: Y
  • Fridge: Y
  • Fridge with Freezer: Y
  • Stove/Oven: Y
  • BBQ: Y
  • Looking For Category: Day Use,Group Site
  • Meeting Table: Y
  • Toilet: Y
Photo: MK001, Meeting Room Photo: MK001, Meeting Room Photo: MK001, Meeting Room Photo: MK001, Meeting Room Photo: MK001, Meeting Room

Alerts and Important Information


Entrance Fees are charged for all day use facilities.

Please note, you're reserving the Group Camp which includes overnight dormitory lodging.

Please be aware when you are reserving this site, the use fees DO NOT cover entrance fees to the facility. You are responsible for the entrance fees when you arrive at the facility.



Ice maker and handicap lift is available at this site.

** Arrival dates earlier than the online-reservation-window may also be available at the campground.