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Status: Open through Sun Oct 12 2014   Season Dates
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Pets Allowed Accessible
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Reservation Window: Wed Sep 24 2014 – Thu Mar 19 2015

Check-in: 2:00 pm

Departure date:
Check-out: 1:00 pm
ADA Accessibility Alert
You are about to make a reservation for an ACCESSIBLE SITE.
This site is accessible for persons with a disability or otherwise limited physical mobility. If no one in your party needs an accessible site, please consider selecting another site unless this is the only site available at the time of your request.

Site Details:

  • Site Type: MANAGEMENT
  • Site Reserve Type: Site-Specific
  • Accessible: Y
  • Checkin Time: 2:00 pm
  • Checkout Time: 1:00 pm
  • Type of Use: Overnight
  • Min Num of People: 1
  • Max Num of People: 50
  • Pets Allowed: Domestic
  • Max Num of Vehicles: 1
  • Driveway Surface: Paved
  • Driveway Entry: Back-In
  • Max Vehicle Length: 30

Know Before You Go


This site was created mainly for tent use. Parking is lot-style. Individual marked slots are 20 ft. long. The number of vehicles listed = the number of personal vehicle slots. An RV or trailer will take up 2 slots and will be counted as 2 vehicles so the parking area will only hold 5 big rigs.

Footnotes: (applicable only where specifically marked above)
** Arrival dates earlier than the online-reservation-window may also be available at the campground.