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Bellevue State Park, DE

Stables Playground
Status: Open year round.   Season Dates
Max reservation window: Thu May 21 2015   Later Dates
Site, Loop:Stables Picnic Area, Bellevue State Park
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Reservation Window: Wed Oct 22 2014 – Wed Oct 21 2015

Check-in: 8:00 am

Departure date:
Check-out: N/A

Site Details:

  • Site Type: Picnic Area
  • Checkin Time: 8:00 am
  • Type of Use: Day
  • Max Num of People: 65
  • Shade: Shaded
  • Grills/Fire Ring: Y
  • Looking For Category: Day Use
  • Num of Tables: 6
  • Alchohol: Y
  • Allow Tents/Canopies: Y
  • Horseshoe Pit: Y
  • Parking Distance (in feet): 370
  • Parking Spaces: 155
  • Restrooms: Y
Stables Picnic Area Photo: Stables Picnic Area, Bellevue State Park Photo: Stables Picnic Area, Bellevue State Park Photo: Stables Picnic Area, Bellevue State Park Photo: Stables Picnic Area, Bellevue State Park

Alerts and Important Information


Trash Removal: Trash removal is not provided for Designated Picnic Area rentals. Visitors must carry out all debris brought into the park. Free trash bags are provided at various locations.

Alcoholic BeveragesAlcohol is permitted at Bellevue, Alcohol may only be displayed and consumed within pavilion or picnic area only. Keg beer is not permitted. Only cans may be brought into the park. No glass bottles.

Activity Bag:An Activity Bag may be available at the park for rent. Call the park for details.

Parking :Please park in designated parking lots. Parking next to a pavilion is prohibited.
Tobacco Use:Pavilions and Picnic areas are designated tobacco free zones.
Restrooms:Restrooms are open from April 1 to October 31.

Amusement devices (moon bounces, etc.) and canopies:Additional space may be available for amusement devices (moon bounces etc.) or canopies. Please contact the park for availability, to make arrangements for the additional space at least one week prior to the event and for rates for the added space.

Estimated Arrival Time: Please contact the Park prior to Arrival with your estimated arrival time.

Park entrance fees are in effect for reservations between March 1st and November 30th, guests will need to be prepared to pay this fee upon entry to the Park. Please contact the Park for more information.



Area Dimensions: 50 X 30

Footnotes: (applicable only where specifically marked above)
** Arrival dates earlier than the online-reservation-window may also be available at the campground.