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Please Note: If you are reserving our organized Youth Group Campsite, you must meet the following conditions: in order to occupy this site, you must have a group of five or more minors up to age 18 years of age who are members of an organization camping with its adult leaders such as Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Explorers, Church groups, etc. If you do not meet the above qualifications, you will not be allowed to camp in our Youth Group Camp and will be asked to leave. Large families and/or companies not affiliated with youth groups are not allowed in our Youth Group Camp.

If you are a customer booking our Youth Group Campsite, you MUST select Youth check box as primary occupant.
Activity Permits: A Group Use or Activity permit may be required prior to making a reservation for shelters or group camp areas, please Click Here first, to determine if a permit is required for your event or activity.
Notice: 2-day minimum stay on the weekends either Friday/Saturday or Saturday/Sunday applied to this park.

Adeline Jay Geo-Karis Illinois Beach State Park, IL

Status: Open year round.   Season Dates
Max reservation window: Wed Oct 15 2014   Later Dates

Booking Window

Mon Apr 21 2014 - Wed Oct 15 2014

Reservations must be made 3 Days(s) ahead of arrival and can be made up to 180 Days(s) in advance.